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Don’t let your cycle stop you from getting a spray tan - no one wants to be bloated, moody, and pale😂 However, there's a few things we want you to know beforehand.

LITTLE TO NO DEVELOPMENT- Hormonal changes have a major impact on your skin. If you’ve ever spray tanned during your cycle or even a few days before, you may have noticed your tan developed lighter than usual or even not at all. In this case, we suggest going a shade or two darker than you normally would or leaving it on a bit longer.

NOT LASTING- You may have also noticed your tan didn’t last as long. Be sure to exfoliate a little extra and hydrate inside and out days leading up to your appointment. We suggest grabbing a Tan Extend lotion to help with the longevity of your sunless tan.

*This also applies to those that are pregnant/breastfeeding, menopausal etc*


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