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Whether it’s your first time spray tanning or first time at The Bronze Brand, we’ve broken down the spray tan process to help ease any pre appointment scaries!

CONSULTATION✨ We’ll select your shade based on your current skin tone and desired result (light, medium, dark, or anything in between).

UNDRESS✨We’ll leave you to undress. What you wear while getting sprayed is totally up to you and your comfort level! We provide a variety of disposable undergarments or you may wear your own (or none). You'll be asked to remove any rings, bracelets, and necklaces + keep them off while you're processing. It's best to remove them prior and keep them somewhere safe at home.

GLOW TIME✨ The application process takes about 10 minutes. We’ll guide you step-by-step through a series of poses. Every tan is sealed with our 2 in 1 setting mist to eliminate post tan odor + transfer while developing followed by full body drying and finishing touches allowing you to get dressed immediately!

CHECK OUT✨ We carry all the essentials needed to get the most out of your #bronze! We’ll get you checked out and send you on your way🥰


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