What to Wear During and After a Spray Tan

What you wear while getting sprayed is totally up to you and your comfort level! Tan lines are optional (nude) or you may choose from a variety of disposable undergarments I provide or bring your own. If you bring your own, it is best to choose something dark and be mindful of the tan lines they will leave.

Your post- spray tan outfit needs to be loose! Tight clothing such as jeans, leggings, and bras (major no-no’s) can possibly rub off the solution resulting in a splotchy, uneven tan. Something breathable like cotton is best. Opt for open-toed sandals/flip flops.

Make sure your outfit is dark, preferably black! Fresh tans have the possibility of transferring onto your clothing (don’t sweat- literally hehe, the bronzer is water-soluble and will rinse out of most clothing).