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LONG: Wear long clothing to protect your tan while you're processing. This ensures it won't rub off on your seat/seat belt in the car + prevents any skin to skin transfer. Yes, even when it’s hot out you still want to wear long clothes. No shorts, please!

*You may want to bring a towel to sit on in the car especially if you have leather seats and it’s hot out!*

LOOSE: Avoid anything tight! No jeans (including jean jackets), leggings, bras, sneakers etc. Tight clothing will rub off the solution causing an uneven, discolored result. Breathable cotton material is best. Opt for open toe sandals/flip flops.

*You'll be asked to remove any rings, bracelets, and necklaces + keep them off while you're processing. It's best to remove them prior and keep them somewhere safe at home:)*

DARK: Fresh tans have the possibility of transferring onto your clothing. Our solutions are water soluble and will rinse out of most clothing however, we still suggest wearing something dark (preferably black).



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