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Schedule your appointment for 1-2 days before your trip.

New to tanning or new to The Bronze Brand? We suggest scheduling a trial tan (at least two weeks prior) so we can find your perfect shade!

Prep! It is important to follow all of our prep instructions (provided via email and on our website) for the best possible, long lasting results.


If swimming, limit your time in the water. Chlorine and salt water can be very drying and cause your tan to fade prematurely. Be sure to rinse off afterwards and always pat dry with your towel vs rubbing. Avoid hot tubs completely!!

Moisturize 1-2x a day! We suggest packing our Tan Extend Lotion- it has a hint of tanning ingredients to help keep your tan vibrant and long lasting!

Your tan does not contain SPF and will not protect you from the sun! Avoid aerosol and oil based sunscreens (they'll fade your tan). We carry a spray tan friendly SPF in studio or we suggest SunBum, NATIVE, and Alba Botanica.

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